Ken is the author of "Throwing Stones; Parental Child Abduction Through The Eyes Of A Child".  Throwing Stones recounts his childhood as an abducted child by his estranged father.  Ken was recovered after three years and a multiple state manhunt. His father was convicted for felony child stealing. Ken is a co-author of an additional non-fiction book.  He has written press releases, commentaries and articles. He has co-authored published scholarly research papers in political science/public administration. He is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. He is currently working on his first fiction novel.


Ken has a Master's of Education in Curriculum & Instruction, from Montana State University.  He is licensed in the states of Florida and Montana.  His endorcments include: Social Studies (grades 5-12), General Science (grades 5-9) and Earth Science (grades 5-12).  


Ken began his love affair with photography when he was sixteen.  Ken and a high school friend followed a local photographer from their church everywhere he went.  If the photographer needed someone to carry his equiptment, he was quick to offer help. Over the years Ken has taken thousands of professional sports, group and nature photogpraphs. Ken is able to take live action shots of players in low light, catching the player in mid flight. His prefered genre as a photographer, is the gritty high contrast black & white journalist approach.  Living in the Montana 'Big Sky' country provides a great canvas for his Nikon D810.  


Ken has a Master's of Art and a Bachelor's of Art, from the University of Texas, Dallas.  His concentrations are in Political Science (Public Policy Administration)(BA & MA) and American Studies (BA).  Ken interned with the Collin County Prosecutor's Office, Crimes Against Children Division.  He is certified through his undergrad degree program in Alternative Dispute Resolution and is a qualified paralegal. Ken is a member of professional and academic organizations. 

Ken Connelly, M.Ed., M.A., ADR