Ken Connelly, M.Ed., M.A., NASX, ADR

Do something you love.  For me, well, I love the outdoors.


Youve got to have a place where you go to in order to escape the daily grind. It can be anywhere,  For me, it is the mountains and hills.  There is nothing purer than crisp alpine air.  Hitting a trail.  The initial burn in the lungs as your body adjusts to the push.  The release of endorphins as you find your groove.  You can be in a group or solo, but no matter who you are with, you are in the zone.

I've been hiking my entire adult life.  My wife hikes and my children love it too.  There is peace when I am in Mother Nature.  The wild grass comes up to meet me while on the trail.  We are part of nature, not separate from her.  When I am outdoors, the trees and wind talk to me.  Find that place in your life and go 'be'.