Ken Connelly, M.Ed., M.A., NASX, ADR

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Ken’s personal child abduction story

QWhat is Family-based Child Abduction?

A: Imagine you get a phone call or text from your child.  Your estranged spouse/partner has taken your child and you will never see them again.  What was your crime? Maybe you filed for divorce, maybe they filed for divorce. Maybe you two grew apart, but out of spite, hate or sheer evil, your child(ren) have been taken and you are left to pick up the pieces. 

Most importantly, family-based or parental child abduction is a punishable crime.  

For the child(ren), it is having your world turned upside down. The people who are supposed to protect you and give you a sense of trust do just the opposite.  See, when you have been kidnapped by a stranger, you always know that mommy & daddy will save you. You trust in that knowledge.  However, when mommy or daddy kidnap you, who do you trust?  It is a deep scar that lasts a lifetime.

  I was kidnapped Friday, October 10, 1980.  My parents divorced and my mother was remarrying.  My father, angry at her decision, chose to break into our home, and violently steal us from our mother and all that we knew.  Our kidnapping would include an odyssey across Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. We would end up living in a state park and in an old farmhouse with rudimentary utilities. Three years after our initial kidnapping, I was found covered in chiggers and suffering from night terrors. Finally, on December 5th, 1983, I was returned, to a mother, I vaguely remembered and my father said hated me. 

This is family-based child abduction!

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When family & stranger-based child abduction is a footnote of history, then our work is finished.